Sustainable Emission Reduction Projects

We care about our enviroment which is changing rapidly due to anthropogenic climate change. Together with our customers we therefore take action and try to counteract this worrisome development.

Having the vision of a climate-neutral economy, we at Faktor Plus took on the mission to enable and to carry out greenhouse gas reduction projects.


Within this constantly changing environment we develop convincing opportunity and risk profiles for your company. We realize greenhouse gas reductions (especially CO2 reductions) and all the associated opportunities. At the same time, we reduce the risks that arise from governmental climate and environmental policy obligations.


Faktor Plus GmbH was founded in 2014 and realizes projects in the fields of logistics, industry and buildings. The company is active within Switzerland and internationally. One of our focuses lies on international projects in the logistics sector, which can achieve a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Are you running an energy-intensive company and want to reduce your carbon footprint? We can help you do just that!