Our services in the BUILDINGS/BUILDING MATERIALS area include solutions for the extraction/production of energy-efficient building parts and their use as well as the design of building systems that can yield additional revenues through avoiding CO2 emissions. Governmental framework conditions regarding energy/climate policy yield opportunities for the generation of such additional revenues when the real estate portfolios, building systems and individual building parts are designed accordingly, while at the same time avoiding the risk of penalty payments.

Our customers are companies in the wood and concrete sectors, systems providers of energy-efficient building solutions and real estate portfolio holders.


We offer:

  • Analysis and implementation of an opportunity and risk profile for your real estate portfolio regarding energy efficiency/CO2 reductions (potential for additional revenues)
  • Development of the partial strategy sustainability
  • Implementation of CO2 resp. greenhouse gas reduction projects through energy-efficient building systems (avoiding levies)
  • Establishment of wood products as deductable CO2 reductions
  • Realisation and sale of CO2 emissions reduction certificates (generating additional revenues)
  • Realisation of projects in the renewable energy area
  • Realisation of funding projects (submission, monitoring of implementation up to the realisation of the funding sums for our customers)
  • Financing of sustainable building systems projects through investment partners

We do not replace environmental officers or employees in similar functions. We build on their information and develop suitable solutions for our customers.