Beni Isenegger

Founder and Managing Partner. Beni Isenegger has acquired profound knowledge over the past 20 years in all aspects of the CO2 subject matter. He is our expert for the beneficial application of climate policy provisions in different industrial branches as well as being a strong negotiation partner opposite legislators and public administrations.


  • Energy-intensive industries
  • Wood industry
  • Real estate, institutional real estate portfolio holder
  • Freight transport rail provider

Professional Experience

  • Over 20 years of professional experience in consulting and developing sustainability concepts for the above-mentioned industries
  • Many years of experience at the interface of industry and politics/public administration (incl. the achievement of beneficial legal conditions in the environmental/energy sector)
  • Long-standing experience in the beneficial implementation of climate policy provisions for companies (focus on CO2)
  • Years of experience in a staff position (external) for the top management of a multinational company in the area of sustainability

Professional Focus

  • Development and implementation of GHG/CO2 projects
  • Analysis of legal provisions for industrial processes and interventions with authorities to reach optimal framework conditions
  • Optimization of process energy
  • Development of sustainability strategies
  • Development of sustainability and environmental management systems
  • Development of certification processes